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higher education

A critical synthesis of research literature on the process of organizational change at the institutional level is needed because higher education is being asked to be responsive to an ever-changing environment.
This work focuses on providing the reader several key insights into the change process by:
(1) presenting a common language for organizational change;
(2) describing the multidisciplinary research base on change;
(3) highlighting the distinct characteristics of higher education institutions and how this might influence the change process;
(4) reviewing models/concepts of organizational change derived within higher education, comparing and contrasting different approaches; and
(5) providing principles for change based on a synthesis of the research within higher education.

Kezar, Adrianna
ERIC Digest

In this brief, Crossing the Finish Line: A National Effort to Address Near Completion, IHEP lays out a framework through which higher education leaders, federal and state policymakers, institutional administrators, and private sector executives can effectively address near completion as part of the larger call for accomplishing America’s goal to increase the number and diversity of people who complete college. Based on a series of focus groups held across the country, a national summit, and individual interviews with a range of key college completion stakeholders, IHEP’s agenda focuses on dealing with four issues that impede the success of near completers: (1) Recruitment, (2) Assessment, (3) Affordability, and (4) Recognition of Completion.

Institute for Higher Education Policy

A benchmarking study of six highly adult learning focused colleges and universities then transformed the benchmarking study findings into principles of effective practice. This publication introduces eight "Principles of Effectiveness for Serving Adult Learners", which describe processes and approaches which could be adopted by colleges seeking to improve access by and quality for adult students.

Council on Adult and Experiential Learning
Council on Adult and Experiential Learning