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This paper describes the City College of New York's College Transition Program, with a focus on its approach to math teaching and learning. The paper also discusses the lack of alignment between GED math content and what students need to know to pass the COMPASS placement test, and how the CUNY program is improving alignment so that students are better prepared for college work.

Steven Hinds
The City University of New York

Developed as a companion piece for More than Rules, this report documents how the City University of New York restructured its College Transition Program (now called the College Transition Initiative) to further integrate it into the college. The paper describes the restructuring process and the changes made in instructional practices, curriculum, staffing, assessment, and advising.

Steven Hinds
The City University of New York

This resource explores the reasons that algebraic thinking is necessary for adults to enable them to meet the demands of the workplace of the future.  It further explores the reasons that algebraic reasoning needs to be integrated early into all levels of arithmetic instruction.

Myrna Manly and Lynda Ginsburg
National Institute for Literacy