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Wednesday, September 5th, 2:00 PM EDT

This webinar highlighted a new toolkit developed through JFF's Greenways work. Women represent less than 25 percent of the labor force and remain underrepresented in many occupations that offer high wage jobs and career advancement opportunities.  Recruitment is the first step in connecting women to these high quality careers and emerging areas of the economy, and this webinar provides concrete ideas on how to recruit women into training for nontraditional occupations. Lauren Sugerman of Wider Opportunities for Woemn discussed the value of adding a gender lens to outreach and assessment and provided examples of successful strategies that have been implemented by workforce development providers.

The webinar also introduced the Pink to Green Toolkit: Adding a Gender Lens to Green Jobs Training Programs, which provides tools to assist organizations in developing relevant plans, processes, and curricula at each stage of their training programs in order to foster success of women in nontraditional occupations.


Download PowerPoint

Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc (video)
Chicago Women In Trades Online Manual

Presenters:  Deborah Kobes, JFF and Lauren Sugerman, Wider Opportunities for Women

Streaming recording link:

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*Note: the recording starts about 15 minutes into the webinar.

Deborah Kobes, Lauren Sugerman
Jobs for the Future, Wider Opportunities for Women

Wednesday, August 15th, 2:00 EDT

This webinar focused on approaches to recruiting students into AO programs, including partnering with referring agencies, marketing efforts, and employer engagement. Bill Sperling of Shoreline Community College in Washington shared some of the ways the college has marketed its I-BEST programs, including partnering with workforce agencies, outreach to CBOs and the K12 system, and the creation of marketing materials. The coordinators and college representatives from Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Illinois each shared some of the strategies they have been using to recruit students into AO programs. 

Moderator: Nate Anderson, JFF

Materials and Links

More about Shoreline Community College I-BEST

Shoreline Pathway Diagrams (PPT)

Kansas's Marketing Materials

Kentucky's AOKY Website

From the National Skills Coalition: SNAP Education & Training Guide

Streaming recording link:

Download recording link

Note: Shoreline's I-BEST video starts at 9:05

Nate Anderson, Bill Sperling
Jobs for the Future, Shoreline Community College