The Resource Library is a compendium of tools and resources selected specifically for the Accelerating Opportunity initiative. You can navigate the Resource Library by topic, or by key word (or tag).

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Resources to help state teams and stakeholders better promote the work to a wide audience of potential supporters.

Resources to help institutions and instructors redesign and strengthen curricula and instructional strategies to better meet the needs of low-skilled adult learners.

Resources on how to gather, analyze, use, and present data for both reporting purposes and continuous program improvement.

Resources on how federal and state funding streams can be better integrated to direct more funds to the target population; also included are resources on conducting cost-benefit analyses.

Resources that promote deep labor market engagement, including strong relationships with employers and the use of up-to-date labor market information.

Resources to guide the selection and development of programmatic and instructional models.

Guidance on federal and state policy as well as examples of innovative state and institutional policies.

Resources to aid states and colleges in conceiving and elaborating a redesign plan that will enable more adult learners to earn marketable credentials.

Strategies to better support students overcome barriers to success and persist through completion of a credential.