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state policy

This report, prepared for the Breaking Through initiative, offers state policymakers six policy recommendations to increase postsecondary attainment for low-skilled adults.

Amy-Ellen Duke and Julie Strawn
Jobs for the Future

This brief provides an overview of state adult education policies and programs and recommends ways they can be strengthened to provide better job advancement opportunities for lower-skilled adults and older youth.

Amy-Ellen Duke and Evelyn Ganzglass
Working Poor Families Project

Federal and state financial aid programs are designed with traditional students in mind, which results in less financial aid for low-income, working adults pursuing postsecondary educations. This report highlights state financial aid policies that support adults who work while attending school part-time. 

Radha Roy Biswas, Victoria Choitz, and Heath Prince
Jobs for the Future and the National Council for Workforce Education 

This paper examinees policy and system improvements that state policymakers can make to enhance outcomes for students in the educational pipeline and increase the supply of knowledge workers.

Christopher Mazzeo, Brandon Roberts, Christopher Spence and Julie Strawn
Workforce Strategy Center